Welcome to the Genealogy Site of the Kost Family in Switzerland

This site gives you the opportunity to search the members of the Kost-Family in Switzerland for differernt criteria.

The source of this database is the book:

"Herkunft, Geschichte und Chronik des Geschlechtes Kost" by Anna Kost-Ineichen, Littau, Switzerland.

It contains the history and family trees of the Kost family between 1540 and about 1986. This book is out of print but downloadable. It might be helpful even if you do not speak german.

At the moment 732 Persons are in the online database. The content is continuously extended. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additions or corrections. Currently branches K, L, M, N, O and P are entered completely. We are busy with branch Q.

If you register for the "Kost-Newsletter", please mention the word ENGLISH along with your Name to ensure you will get the english translation.

Guidelines to Search an Sort Functions

For an optimum search follow these rules: The table :
  • In all searches either a whole word or a fragment thereof can be entered (i.e. "as" under "First Name" finds Jonas, Thomas, Matthias; "19" under "Birth Date" results in all born in the 20th century, but alo those born at a 19th day of any month. Try -19 to find only those born on a 19th day etc.)
  • All searches are case IN-sensitive.
  • Dates are stored in the format YYYY-MM-DD!
  • Red links in table headers give the possibility to re-sort the table.
  • Dates are stored in the format YYYY-MM-DD and are sorted as text! (NULL strings first - 1750 before 1800 - before ? etc.)
  • Only the field "Generation (Gen.)" is sorted numerically (1,2,3...)